The Fund is a ‘Limited Partnership’ set-up as an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) under the Belgian AIFM Law of 19 april 2014, and is registred with the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) under number 06188 and is authorised as Alterntive Investment Fund Manager.

The Fund is managed by its General Partner, Alpha Solar Invest BV, in accordance with the provisions of the AIFM law, and allows Limited Partners to join as an investor.


The General Partner acts as a ‘real’ partner for the Limited Partners.

(1) Sourcing unique investment opportunities simply is in our DNA.

The Fund’s founding partners all have 25 years of experience in Investment Banking.  The GP team has the skills to identify, source and shape prime equity & infrastructure investments on a proprietary basis.

(2) The GP has set-up a low cost LP structure so investors can have access to the investment.

(3) The GP has paid upfront all origination, evaluation, due diligence, legal, execution costs and structuring of the investment.

(4) The GP does not charge an annual management fee for running the Fund during the entire life of the Fund.

All these costs will not have an impact on the investors return.

(5) The GP has co-invested € 6 million in the Fund and is fully aligned with the Limited Partners.

Management of ESG NV has ‘skin in the game’ as a partner

Management still owes 22% of shares or € 115 million in value.   We prefer management to have ‘skin in the game’ when executing the growth of the company.

Co-investing with the founding partner – a Life Insurer

Patronale Life, a Life insurer, still owes 61% of the shares in ESG.

The Fund appreciates an institutional and regulated investor as majority co-investor.

An insurer is supervised by the regulator, needs to comply with the Solvency II European Capital requirements, and has multiple internal and external audits in place.

This majority shareholder is providing us with a high level of corporate governance substance required for a professional private equity / private infrastructure investment.

The Fund has secured ‘alignment of interest’ between all shareholders to further grow this company.

The GP of the Fund invites ‘smart investors’ to co-invest in the Fund.